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About us

Inside the global transition to net zero

Who we are

Tackling climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. It is also both a significant economic and political opportunity, and a massive business and political risk.

Aimed at business, policy leaders and regulators, we are a non-partisan voice examining the politics and economics behind the move away from fossil fuels and the embrace of renewables and climate neutrality.

The goal of our journalists and expert writers is to help you navigate the energy transition, explaining and analysing net zero policies, sustainable finance and climate technologies around the world.

Our authors

  • Nick Ferris

    Data journalist

    Nick Ferris is a data journalist based in London. He has previously worked at Greenpeace Unearthed, The MailOnline and The Straits Times. He is a graduate of the MA in Investigative Journalism at City University.

  • Justin Gerdes

    Managing editor

    Managing editor Justin Gerdes is an experienced energy journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a former contributing writer for Greentech Media and author of Quitting Carbon: How Denmark Is Leading the Clean Energy Transition and Winning the Race to the Low-Carbon Future. He can be found on Linkedin here.

  • Dave Keating

    Senior writer

    Senior writer Dave Keating is a US journalist and conference moderator covering European affairs from Brussels, with a focus on environment and energy. He has worked for France24 and Forbes. He can be found on LinkedIn here.

  • Mark Nicholls

    Contributing editor

    Contributing editor Mark Nicholls, co-founder and former editor of Environmental Finance, specialises in sustainable finance and responsible investment, including ESG disclosure and carbon markets.

  • Philippa Nuttall Jones

    Contributing author

    Philippa Nuttall Jones, based in Brussels, has over 20 years’ experience as a journalist and communications expert covering environmental issues, energy and climate change from the UK, France and Belgium. She can be found on LinkedIn here.

  • Mirela Petkova


    Mirela Petkova is a researcher based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has previously worked at the Clingendael China Centre in the Hague, where she examined the governance of China's Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, including its environmental and energy aspects.

  • Sonja van Renssen

    Editor in Chief

    Editor in Chief Sonja van Renssen is an experienced Brussels-based journalist and conference moderator, who has written for leading energy and climate titles including S&P Global Platts and Nature Climate Change. She can be found on LinkedIn here.

  • Hannah Wright

    Junior Reporter

    Hannah Wright previously worked as an editorial assistant and reporter at Verdict Media. She is a graduate of Warwick University, UK, where she studied humanitarian engineering, and was president of The Climate Reality Project Campus Corp, helping advance the university's transition to net zero.

Editorial standards

Energy Monitor journalists uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional journalism. In our editorial coverage we seek to be independent, fair and accurate. We make every effort to verify and check the information we publish and to be transparent about our sourcing.

If you spot a mistake, or would like to make a complaint about our coverage, please contact managing editor  Justin Gerdes. If you are not satisfied with the way a complaint has been handled please feel free to contact our editor-in-chief Sonja van Renssen.