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How FDI can drive forward climate action

How FDI can drive forward climate action

The 13th UN Sustainable Development Goal is in some ways the most urgent – to combat climate change and its impact upon the world. How can FDI further the energy transition and play its part in this fight?

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The Tesla Model 3 leads global EV sales

Best selling electric cars, H1 2021 (Source: EV Volumes)

Model Sales
Tesla Model 3 (US) 244,000
Wuling HongGuang Mini (China) 182,000
Tesla Model Y (US) 138,000
BYD Han (China) 39,000
VW ID.4 (Germany) 39,000
Renault Zoe (France) 38,000
Great Wall Ora R1 (China) 32,000
VW ID.3 (Germany) 31,000
Hyundai Kona (S Korea) 31,000
GAC Aion S (China) 30,000

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Depleting the Climate Trust Fund

A confusing financial ecosystem is impeding the provision of climate finance to developing countries, and threatens to destroy what trust remains between rich nations and the Global South.

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